EcoBalance Inc. is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in the Commonwealth of Dominica (also known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

Ecological Organizations Promoting Environmental Awareness

The organization is managed by a board of directors with professionals focused on raising awareness on education in the environmental and organizational sectors. Commencing from 2011 with a membership of 8 persons, Ecobalance Inc. has expanded significantly throughout the years and strengthened its activities into providing support to various types of grassroots organizations such as local cooperatives, farmer’s groups, and more!

At EcoBalance, our mission is “To educate, inform and influence communities in various aspects of capacity development.”

About Us EcoBalance

  • EcoBalance helps in risk management in case of emergencies caused by natural disasters.


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    The Course helped me to get all the skills i required, I recommend EcoBalance to all out there. Thank you!


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